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Parcel Management Specialists:

We take the worry out of Internet deliveries and returns. With a Pack + Ship Pro address your online purchases will be delivered to our parcel handler who will notify you of its arrival and place your purchase(s) in an alarmed locker. This secure service offers a complete chain of custody as well as discounted parcel shipping, vaulted security for high value items, packaging disposal, and concierge style pick up, returns and home delivery services. The cost for a staffed, commercial delivery address is $100 per year. Additional concierge services are itemized as follows:

1.     Package receipt for a five business day hold cycle

a.     $3 up to 9 pounds and/or 60 inches in length and girth.

b.     $6 up to 20 pounds and/or between 61-100 inches in length and girth.

c.     $9 up to 40 pounds and/or between101-165 inches in length and girth.

2.     Vaulted security for a five business day hold cycle

a.     1.5% of insured value

3.     Requested unpacking and packaging disposal

a.     $3 for small packages as defined above

b.     $6 for medium packages as defined above

c.     $9 for large packages as defined above

4.     Prescheduled 15 minute interval curbside pick up

a.     $3 for 1 package

b.     $6 for 2-5 packages

c.     $9 for 6-10 packages

5.     Specified home delivery

a.     $5 plus $1.58 per mile

6.     Returns

a.     No charge for pre paid labeled and packaged returns

b.     Packing and shipping charges scheduled separately.